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Check out your favorite AHS, Lee Scott & local area photos.

Give me any feedback you can on photos, events or players you want covered at the next game.

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Thanks - John Wild


Welcome to Wild Times Photography. While I am already shooting for the Auburn Villager (www.auburnvillager.com),

I am happy to share these photos with you.

 *ALL image are FREE unless you want prints or something special put together. Just e mail me the 'photo #' AND the game and I'll e mail it back to you. Use on Face Book pages, backgrounds, slide shows & electronically.  

Scroll over the 'Menu' button at the top of the page and view your favorite game or event. 


If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me by clicking on the "menu" button and then select "Contact" or e mail 'Wildtimesphoto@charter.net'.


Thank you for visiting my website!  Tell other friends, parents & athletes.

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